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"He's a walking masterclass"

(actual feedback)

A sought-after spiritual leader and transformational coach, Sean Dreher is on a mission to transform the world by unlocking human potential.

As a strategic thinker and content creator, Sean works alongside his brilliant team to deliver transformational content guided by his audience-first approach. Utilizing his unique ability to communicate complex concepts, Sean has influenced hundreds of ordinary people to grow their faith, pursue their purpose, and change their world. 


Recognizing that transforming lives required more than passion, he radically immersed himself in the coaching field, becoming a Maxwell Leadership Certified Team Member in 2022 and a Certified Enneagram Specialist in 2023, along with certifications in life transformation and employee performance.   


In addition to his contributions in speaking and coaching, Sean furthers his vision to transform the world through his eponymous charity foundation, whose mission is to connect people with the resources they need to change their world so that together, we can change the world.

In his downtime, Sean enjoys working out, collecting New Balance sneakers, and playing the latest editions of Madden and NBA 2K. 

Pick the transformational tool(s) that matter most to you.


Speaking is a powerful tool for transformation. But quality speakers are hard to find. As an event organizer, you wonder, "Will my audience receive them?" "Will they speak in a way that connects?" With Sean, the answer is a resounding yes! His magical stage presence captivates audiences around the world.




Training is a powerful tool for transformation. Unlike speaking, which is generally one-sided, training provides hands-on opportunities. Combining the latest research with an uncanny pragmatism, Sean takes training to another level. Learn more about our newest training for churches on generational diversity. 



Coaching is a powerful tool for transformation. Unlike speaking and training, which is primarily group-based, coaching provides opportunities for 1:1 interactions. By leveraging the power of inquiry, Sean carefully leads you to self-discoveries that produce quantum leaps in the areas that matter most. 

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